June 25, 2009

Home buyer information session set for June 30

By Brenda L. Shelkey with information provided by Becky Bowen

Want to buy or build a new home, but don’t know where to begin? UAEDC is encouraging potential buyers to come to the Home Buyer Information Session on Tuesday, June 30, at 5:15 at Underwood City Hall to get all those important questions answered. Economic Developer Becky Bowen hosted a discussion of the community’s strategic plan with Underwood residents a few weeks ago. She explained that part of her job description is to develop a strategic plan. The draft of that plan has been prepared and then was discussed with members of the Board of the Underwood Area Economic Development Corporation earlier this year. Bowen noted, "However, as part of the Horizons process, at least 15 percent of Underwood’s population is required to participate in the development of the strategic plan." How participation takes place has a variety of forms, including the completion of surveys and the active participation in discussing the current and future assets of the community. A successful strategic plan for the community of Underwood also involves a wide-ranged approach to achieving a community-wide vision. The five goals of Underwood’s current strategic plan cover population growth, beautification, caring and belonging, education, and retail and human services. Bowen said, "Although each of the goals is important in its own right, it also should be considered in combination with all the other goals. "Consequently, all strategies, though specific to the accomplishment of the goal they are implemented for, must also complement strategies designed to attain the four other goals."

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