November 9, 2016

Honoring Grandma, the die-hard Cubbies fan

By Suzanne Werre
There is a World Series flag proudly flying at the Underwood Cemetery. Two more flags, including a World Series Champion flag, will soon be decorating the gravesite of Ardella Brewster, grandma of Underwood’s Kyle Wolf.
“She loved the Cubbies,” said Kyle. “She was always a die-hard Cubbies fan, so I got her a world series Cubbies flag to put at her grave because I know she would have enjoyed it.
 “She was never very vocal about it, but you could always tell she was happy when they won,” he said.
The Chicago Cubs had not won the World Series since 1908, and for a lot of fans, they were a joke for a lot of years.
But not for Kyle’s grandma, who watched as many games as she could. She was never a fair-weather fan – she was die-hard Cubbies.
“Back when the TV Guide was a thing, she’d give it to my folks after she tore out the sports so she could know what time the Cubs games were on,” he said with a smile.

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