March 15, 2017

Hopping on the school bus

Keep an eye out for the school bus.
People generally do that anyway, but this spring that notion takes on new meeting as the city commissioners will be hoping on a bus to take a tour of Underwood in their first major concerted effort toward getting locals to clean up their properties.
Following up on the recent Underwood Area Economic Development Corporation annual meeting that focused on community cleanup, Underwood’s city commissioners started making plans to get some more cleanup done in Underwood.
Cleanup week is set for May 9-13, but May 2, some of the commissioners and other city employees will be getting on a school bus to take a drive around town to take a look-see.
“If you see the little school bus driving around with the commissioners, that means you’re going to get a letter,” she said. Some people will be getting letters. The drive-around will be May 2, starting at 6 p.m. Having the drive-around a full week before cleanup week start will give the property owners the opportunity to dispose of their garbage during the cleanup week.   
Items that will be targeted for removal are excessive debris, old vehicles, as well as buildings that need to be torn down or needing new windows or repaired walls.

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