November 6, 2008

Horizons Program off

By Julie Arbach

Community attendees surpassed expectations for the kick-off of the Horizons Program in Underwood. Nearly double the number of residents anticipated showed up for the meal and first study session of the program. Becky Bowen, Underwood’s Community and Economic Development Specialist, said coordinators of the program told her to expect about 30 people, and 58 community members participated in the kick off on Oct. 25. "We were so pleased," said Bowen. "We had a nice variety of people there; we had a lot of seniors, a lot of youth and of course the middle-aged people there as well, so it was a nice mix of people, which is the whole point of the program to involve all walks of life." Bowen said the program emphasizes that they want youth involved in the sub-circles. "They are our future and we certainly want to know what they have to say about the future of their community," added Bowen. Volunteers trained as facilitators for the Horizons Program are: Dean Hartley, Larry Dziuk, Talesa Heger, Jeff Higbie, Patty Sigurdson and Patsy Johannes. Following the evening meal, the crowd broke into three groups, each headed by two facilitators, to discuss the subject of poverty.



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