October 28, 2010

Hornbergers will have first home in Westridge

By Michael Johnson, Editor

A three-person crew is steadily assembling a new home in the Westridge Estates in Underwood. The home will belong to Chad and Kim Hornberger and will be the first home constructed in the new development. Just weeks in, the crew from Building Innovations has the floor in place over the basement and the first floor walls are starting to go up. This is major news for the city since the development has had no property takers since water, sewer, streets, curb and gutter were installed three years ago. The development, right on the backside of the Westridge Golf Course, was just what the Hornbergers were looking for since the idea of moving to Underwood came along in May. Being able to move into a home would have been a good option, too, had there been a house to move into when they moved to Underwood June 1. "There was really nothing to move into in Underwood," Kim said. "The only option was to build and we really like the location." The couple brings their four children along including Kayden, 8, Mason, 8, Taya, 5 and Arianne, 5.



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