June 23, 2011

Hunger and heartbreak

By Chris Gessele and Cheryl Odden, BHG News Service

With historic amounts of water being released through the Garrison Dam spillway and regulatory tunnels toward Bismarck, Mandan and residents all along the Missouri River, the 2011 story of the Garrison Dam is a tragic one. The water isn’t causing heartbreak for everyone, however. A constant flow of people flocking to witness history at the dam are providing a constant flow of business at eateries in both Pick City and Riverdale. The summer season is generally a busy one for Little Bar & Grill owner Lee Little in Pick City, but lately, business has been “absolutely phenomenal.” “My business is going absolutely through the ceiling,” Little said. “My business has tripled this month, if anything.” He has watched tour buses full of sightseers from across the state stop in Pick City for something to eat on their way to or from the dam.

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