June 27, 2018

Ice cold suds, hot ‘n hearty grub

By Suzanne Werre
Talk about picking the right time to open up a new business.
Julie Tangen, owner/operator of Underwood’s JD’s Garage Suds and Grub, held her soft opening for the car and motorcycle-themed restaurant/bar just ahead of this weekend’s MidSummer Classic Car and Motorcycle Show.
Talk about knowing your target audience. But really, said Tangen, she’s wasn’t aiming for a target audience when she named the restaurant/bar JD’s Garage.
“I didn’t want to be known as the biker bar or the car bar. I wanted to cater to everybody in the area – farmers, car people, racers . . . .” she said.
It’s not just car and motorcycle aficionados that will love the new restaurant with its menu that includes an Edsel, a Mustang, a Ferrari, a Firebird and the top-selling Classic Muscle. Anybody who likes a good burger, hearty breakfast, or ice-cold beer will want to stop in and check out JD’s Garage.
Up and running for about two weeks now, Tangen decided to have a soft opening in advance of the MidSummer Classic to make sure she’s got a full staff that’s ready for an influx of people this weekend, and to be ready once the word gets out via word-of-mouth without being swamped.

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