July 24, 2013

Improvement projects moving forward

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

Folks living along and west of Summit Street have been hearing the rumble of big equipment for weeks now as two major construction projects have been moving ahead in Underwood. The nearly $360,000 high school track remodel got underway a few weeks ago, and construction of the sidewalks that will be going north and south on Sayler and Summit Streets, thanks to a Safe Routes to School grant of just under $200,000, got underway last Thursday afternoon, making a lot of progress by late Friday. New fencing has been placed around the track, taking a jog to the east on the east side of the track, making room for a new long and triple jump runways. The old 6-lane asphalt track has been removed, the asphalt ground up and re-placed as the base for the new track. New asphalt will then go over the base followed by a rubberized 6-lane track placed on top. It is anticipated the track will be ready for use this coming spring. While the work at the track seems to have quieted down, work on the sidewalks ramped up late last week. The pre-planning meeting that was scheduled for Monday, July 22, was bumped up to last Thursday afternoon, and work started immediately following the meeting as the crew of Ti-Zack Construction wanted to get started right away to meet the July 31 deadline for the sidewalk project.

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