March 22, 2017

In freshman class, things are twice as nice

By Suzanne Werre
People often joke that there must’ve been something in the water about 15 years ago – something that induced pregnancy of twins in some of the local women.
That could theoretically be possible for three of the moms of this year’s freshman class, except that none of them lived in the Underwood area at the time they got pregnant.
Still, it’s a pretty standard joke to the six kids – Taysha and Ty Snyder, Parker and Preston Christenson, and Kayden and Mason Hornberger, three sets of twins, in Underwood’s freshman class.
The twins are making news this week after the team of six took top honors in the junior high division of the recent Academic Olympics held in Linton.
“They are wonderful young people,” commented the students’ Algebra I teacher, Kay Reiser. “They care about each other, and they care so much about their classmates.”
Parker Christenson agreed that, yeah, they care about each other and their classmates. But the same can be said for pretty much everyone in their class.



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