September 6, 2017

Indomitable spirits

By Suzanne Werre
Perseverance is one of the five tenets of taekwondo. The other four are courtesy, integrity, self control and indomitable spirit.
Two Underwood taekwondo students recently showed they embody all five of those tenets, particularly perseverance, earning their first-degree black belts in the taekwondo, a Korean martial art.
Jason Lee and Cade Kjelstrup recently earned their first-degree black belts in taekwondo under the tutelage of Mr. Gary Adam, who has his third-degree black belt.
Lee and Kjelstrup call him “Mr. Gary,” showing their instructor the respect he has earned.
As far as Adam is concerned, the two new black belt recipients have also earned his respect.
“It’s a lot of hard work and dedication showing up to class, learning the techniques,” said Adam. “And they change techniques all the time.

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