May 6, 2015

Industrial park is a ‘go’

By Suzanne Werre

The city of Underwood can now officially say it has property for the industrial park it has been working toward for years.

Falkirk Mine’s Doug Stoltz and Chris Friesz were at Monday’s regular city commission meeting to discuss a proposed amendment to an agreement, which was already amended in 2005, regarding the two outlots that Falkirk is turning over to the city, as well as the status of some water wells. The original agreement was referred to as the "1980 agreement."

Falkirk Mine had originally tied the new amendments into one agreement, but commissioners balked at that, wanting two separate amendments– one that regarded the wells, and another that regarded the outlots/industrial park.

"As long as they’re separated out, that’s all we were looking for," commented commissioner Steve Cottingham.

City Auditor Diane Schell noted that the proposed agreement was sent to the city’s attorney, and he approved the agreement.

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