September 19, 2012

Investing in technology

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

Technology may be new one day and practically obsolete the next, but Underwood School’s tech coordinator Lee Weisgarber is trying to make sure the school stays on the cutting edge of technology, and he’s gotten the full financial support of the school board. The board recently invested nearly $80,000 in new computers and technology as the school has gone from the “dinosaur” desktop computers to laptops, netbooks and iPads, and a new media center in the elementary library. The school also upgraded its access points to be able to handle all the new computers and data that will be swarming around cyberspace. Weisgarber says it’s just a sign of the times, a necessity for students who want to excel once they are beyond the school’s walls. “Most of the classes are using the computers now, incorporating them into the classes,” said Weisgarber. “Not taking over the class, but incorporated into the class. Having the students have access to that is priceless.” Everyone in grades 7 through 12 has his or her own computer to use at school. The students just need to make sure they’re charged and ready to go when they take them to class, he added, which a few students have neglected to do early-on, but they quickly start remembering.

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