November 16, 2016

Iron Oar ready to host holiday parties

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News
The menu at the Iron Oar Pub and Grill is changing along with the seasons.
The restaurant/bar opened July 1 to a large crowd, and has been welcoming guests steadily ever since.
“It was supposed to be a soft opening, but somehow the word got out and 140 people came in that night, and it just never really stopped,” said co-owner Nathan McCleery, who is currently managing the day-to-day operations.
The Tex-Mex menu items that have been featured since the restaurant opened are being retired for the winter months, making room for some new items.
The most popular items on the menu – the prime rib and baby back ribs – are staying on the menu, but some innovative items are being added to replace the Tex-Mex.
Bruschetta and different lavosh (an Armenian cracker/flatbread)  items are being added, as well as an olive tapenade for light fare, and a sirloin with gorgonzola alfredo sauce and “tips and toast” are just a couple of the meatier dinner menu items that are being added.

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