June 23, 2016

It’s so Classic - car show set for Saturday

By Suzanne Werre

If you’re into cars – and even if you’re not into cars, you will want to check out Underwood’s MidSummer Classic this Saturday, as the group presents its sixth annual parade and car and motorcycle show.

The event’s main purpose is to bring in money that is then used for a scholarship to a technical school and several camp scholarships, noted the MidSummer Classic’s Ramona Capps.

But the reason people probably come to it is something else.

"It’s about memories," said Roger McKelvey, who owns the Underwood Body Shop and is one of the Classic organizers.

"You see this car and you say ‘so-and-so had that one, and so-and-so had one of those."

The car show will feature classic cars that the senior citizens will remember riding around in or seeing when they were young, you’ll see the cars the baby boomers drove around when they were 18, and this year the Classic group is bringing a modified division into the completion – the "fast and furious" cars with the suped-up engines.

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