September 10, 2014

Jangula makes social studies relatable

By Suzanne Werre

Social studies teacher Alex Jangula approaches his teaching the same way he approaches his coaching by putting the student/athlete in the best position to succeed.

"That’s my job," the recent Dickinson State University graduate said. "To figure out their talents, figure out what they’re good at."

Jangula will be teaching eighth-grade social studies this semester, and will be adding junior and senior psychology the second semester. He is also the tech coordinator for the school, making sure everyone has a tablet that is up and running for the school year.

His main interaction with the students will be in the classroom (as well as coaching this winter when he is assistant boys’ basketball coach), and his goal is to help his students enjoy social studies as much as he did in high school.

"It was my favorite subject in high school," he said.

"Everything is relatable," the Linton native added. "You can look at Hitler in pre-World War II, and now look at Russia with Putin . . . you can relate everything to current day."

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