January 10, 2017

Keeping tabs on state’s budget

By Suzanne Werre
With North Dakota’s legislators looking to millions from former Governor Jack Dalrymple’s final budget, the state’s schools may be looking at having some funding cuts. Just how big those cuts will be, nobody knows yet.
Underwood School Superintendent Brandt Dick, who attended Wednesday’s legislative session, is keeping his eyes and ears open when funding regarding schools is brought up.
Former Governor Dalrymple’s final budget was dropping school transportation funding by 10 percent. Supt. Dick is hoping that won’t happen.
“This year there are different bills for funding for K through 12 -- usually there’s just one that comes out. But there’s one based on Governor Dalrymple’s budget and one prepared by the legislation, and the biggest difference between the two which is concerning, is one takes a 10 percent cut in transportation, so that’s something we’re watching closely, to see if we can renegotiate,” said noted Supt. Dick.
 “We all understand money is really tight – we understand that -- but we do feel that transportation is important for the school districts across the state,” said Supt. Dick.
The passing of Measure 2 in November, which established the School Trust Fund, could create some available funding.



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