November 1, 2017

Kids on playground – they’ll be swingin’

By Suzanne Werre
One thing pretty certain came out of the Underwood School Board’s most recent meeting.
There probably won’t be a zip line on the new playground equipment, even thought that is one of the options of the different playground equipment scenarios the board is looking at.
The board members agree that the students would probably love to have a schoolyard version of a zip line, but maybe too much – there might get to be too much of a line, and some kids wouldn’t get their turn to use it before recess is over.
The other thing that is actually certain is that the board members want a tire swing, maybe two, because those are pretty popular with the children, and more than one child can be playing on it at the same time.  Other items will include slides and some sort of climbing apparatus.
The board recently submitted its budget of $50,000 to several different playground equipment companies, and those companies submitted different designs for the school’s designated playground area, using Google Maps to get the dimensions of the playground area.
Rather than spend even more time discussing what they think kids would want in the playground, they opted to get the opinions of some of the school children, then leave it to the recommendation of buildings and grounds committee to choose a final design.



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