July 8, 2010

Kids say summer school is fun

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Imagine a day of school where you can read your favorite book, paint a picture, eat cookies, play with your friends and run in the hallways. Title I students at Underwood Public School don’t have to imagine. For six weeks in the summer they get to have fun at school. But the teachers promise they are also learning.  From 9 to 11:30 a.m. students in first through sixth grade take turns learning math from Deb LeRoy and reading from Dawnae Lee. But in some cases they do a little of both. Kaleb Blotske is soon to be a second grader and his time in summer school is keeping him prepared for school once it starts up again. LeRoy had him pick a slip of paper from a box and read the message written on it. He then did what the message said, which was to break a line up into halves and learn about fractions. Then he wrote out what he did in his journal.



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