December 3, 2014

Kids’ Shopping Day this Saturday

By Suzanne Werre

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have got nothing on the Underwood Civic Club, as the group is actually giving money away during Kids’ Shopping Day as a way to encourage shopping in town this Saturday.

The Civic Club will have its bank set up this Saturday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the Underwood City Hall Council Room, and children will be able to exchange their real money for Underwood Merchant Bucks, getting half-again as much money as they exchange. (For instance, if a child exchanges $10, he or she will get $15 – to a maximum of $50 being exchanged, which would turn into $75.)

The Merchant Bucks must be spent in Underwood this Saturday, and may be accepted by any Underwood Civic Club business.

While the Merchant Bucks must be spent Saturday, they do not have to be spent by the 1 p.m. deadline – that’s just when the exchanges are finished. The Merchant Bucks may be spent at the Civic Club businesses any time that day.

The annual Kids’ Shopping Day has been a big shopping day in Underwood for years, and store owners know to plan ahead for it.

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