August 27, 2009

Language students visit Germany

By Alyssa Schafer

Language immersion had Rebecca Lawson thinking in German this summer. She and nine area students traveled to Germany from June 3 to June 23 for Maria Fagerstrom’s level two German class. The trip included students from Underwood, Wilton, Garrison and Beulah. Fagerstrom teaches the class from Underwood High School, but the rest of the students tune-in every class period through an ITV system. In order to go on the trip, students needed to have two years of German course experience. Fagerstrom and the students did a great deal of fundraising to prepare for the trip. All told the cost was about $3,200, not including spending money for souvenirs, she said. "We did a lot of work, but it was worth it," Lawson said. The group toured all around Germany, stopping in Munich for a time and even crossing into Austria.

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