February 25, 2015

Let’s Face It

By Suzanne Werre

Dry, winter skin be gone – there’s a new kid in town, and she’s a beauty.

Underwood’s Let’s Face It Skincare and Spa recently opened for business on Second Street (in the same building as Missy Fischer’s Scissor Shak), and owner/aesthetician Ashlie Walcker is ready to help her customers handle their dry, winter skin, their acne, or even their simple lines of aging – just to name a few typical skin issues -- and she’s hoping to help you put the stresses of the day, the week or the year behind you at the same time.

Walcker, a 2000 graduate from Underwood High School, became a cosmetologist/aesthetician after high school. She and her husband Jesse moved back to Underwood in 2013, and recently opened Let’s Face It Skincare and Spa. She will be helping her clients handle a variety of skin issues they may have – helping those of us who would like to decrease the look of our fine lines and wrinkles, to helping people get a handle on their acne, and even diminish the looks of scars.

For those who love to be in the sun and/or tan, she can help diminish the damage that has already be done by the sun, as well as prevent further damage from being done.

And those are just a few of the things Walcker is able to do at her spa in Underwood.

There are so many things people can do to help themselves maintain healthy skin, and she loves being able to help them find new ways.



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