May 14, 2014

Library celebrating the geek in everyone

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

Geeks unite.

Whatever you are "geeky" about, this summer is your chance to embrace your geekdom and share it with the world – even celebrate it as the Underwood Library launches its Geek The Library campaign.

Maybe you’re into music, or maybe you’re into sports, or maybe you’re into gaming, or maybe even bugs. This summer’s Geek the Library program is going to embrace it.

"We’re just reminding the community that whatever they ‘geek,’ whatever they’re into, whatever they’re passionate about – we support that," said Underwood Librarian Harmony Higbie. "We want to inspire and empower our community."

While the "geek" program is a way to celebrate people’s individuality, it is also a way for the library to remind community members what all is available to them through the library.

The library has information on big things, like how to start a business or grow a business, how to land your dream job, and smaller things, like how to start a garden for the first time. Whatever you’re curious about, the library has a variety of different ways to inform and educate you, noted Higbie.



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