December 3, 2009

Library upgrades to wireless Internet

By Alyssa Schafer, Editor

Travelers have another reason to make a pit stop in Underwood. Wireless Internet service was installed at the Underwood Library Nov. 17, and many residents and travelers will benefit. Librarian Harmony Higbie said this new service can be utilized by a broad range of community members. "I really see that this will be a benefit to the temporary workers who want to keep in contact with their families," Higbie said. The wireless service will also prove to be useful for parents who are waiting for their children to finish activities in the City Hall gym. They can spend some time getting work done or communicating with friends and family, Higbie said. For those who live far out of town, the wireless Internet in the library will provide a good place for people to hang out if they have appointments in town, with time to kill in between.

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