August 12, 2015

Like homemade? Time to try ‘Mo-made’

By Suzanne Werre

If you think you like home-made cooking, just wait until you’ve tried "Mo-made cooking."

Underwood’s Ramona Capps recently made a name for herself as a chef with her cooking demonstrations around the county.

Ramona (more commonly known as Mo) will now be putting on daily cooking demonstrations at the Underwood Grille and Lounge, as she and spouse Julie Capps just took over the managerial duties of the Grille at the request of the Underwood Commercial Properties Inc. group. Mo will be heading up the kitchen, while Julie will be taking care of the bookkeeping duties and POS system.

They’re going to be serving "Mo-made meals," said Julie.

The menu isn’t going to change a lot right away, they agree, but there will be some changes.

A priority on the list of changes is to incorporate a special each day – something that’s not on the regular menu. And more things will definitely be homemade – make that "Mo-made."



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