November 29, 2017

Liquor license hearing tonight

By Suzanne Werre
Wednesday’s regular meeting of the Underwood City Commission had an additional component to the regular meeting format, and about 60 people attended the meeting to hear what was presented.
The meeting was an opportunity for anybody who had an interest in testifying before the commissioners regarding the possible revocation of the liquor license for the Black Nugget following the recent arrest of a Black Nugget employee on charges of distributing drugs while on the premises.
The city’s attorney, Dave Lindell, as well as State’s Attorney Ladd Erickson and McLean County Sheriff JR Kerzmann were in attendance at the meeting to reply to the commission’s major question, that being whether or not there is actual proof that a drug deal occurred at the Black Nugget with owner Dennis (Denny) Liebel, Sr. present.
A female undercover officer was wearing a wire when she was able to make a drug purchase at the Black Nugget, confirmed Erickson.
“Did she state that Denny was present in the bar,” asked city commission president Leon Weisenburger.
“The audio says Denny was present during the transaction,” answered Erickson.

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