March 18, 2015

Local rapper, producer ‘Lutha’ to release album

By Suzanne Werre

Will Underwood become the next Atlanta, prime location for rap and hip-hop artists who are looking for producers?

It could be, if Underwood’s Will Ross has anything to say about it.

Ross, whose rap name is "Lutha," is a rap performer and producer who currently "lays down beats" on his home computer in Underwood. He often uses the beats for his own music, writing lyrics to go along with the beats, but he also puts together the background beats for other artists who want to put their lyrics to what he has put together.

"I do it for myself mostly," said Lutha. "But I’ve produced for other people, too."

He’s made most of his music connections online through social media, and he’s been producing for about six or seven years.

"But I’ve been a rap artist for at least 12 years," he pointed out.

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