January 11, 2012

Local townships plan road recovery

By Michael Johnson, Editor

McLean County townships are eager to continue fixing roads. Area townships with damaged roads including Longfellow and Victoria were excited to hear that FEMA money has arrived. Highway superintendent Ron Wagner and townships decided to meet soon to discuss work done and work that needs to be done and how they could get the funding to them soon at a recent township meeting in Underwood. Wagner believed the FEMA work would need to be closed out by September. He noted that the county will likely ask for an extension on that because he didn’t expect the county to be caught up with emergency work at that point. The FEMA work required the townships to cover 3 percent of the cost. One area was believed to cost about $240,000 for a road raise. The township was concerned that even with the help, that project could use up their entire budget. Wagner noted that it would take some thinking and discussion to decide what gets fixed and what could be done for less.

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