November 18, 2015

Locals tackle feral cat problem

By Suzanne Werre

They call her the "Cat Wrangler of Underwood."

Actually, only a few people call her the "Cat Wrangler," but it’s an appropriate moniker.

Last Tuesday, Ashley Ross created what would be a mini-firestorm when she posted a request on a social media site, asking if someone could loan her a large kennel because she was trying to catch some stray cats and kittens in her neighborhood.

She was really just picking up where a couple of other people had left off, trying to rehome the approximately 20 feral cats and kittens who made their home in Embers Estates, often congregating on or around a large dumpster.

Earlier in the day, Ashley had noticed two women setting traps for the cats, catching them, and taking them away. Embers Estates was recently taken over by new owners, and she assumed the ladies were working for them.

"I wasn’t sure what was going on other than that these ladies were catching cats and (they were) successful for the first half hour," said Ross.

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