August 30, 2017

Loco,’ ‘Local’ alliance topics

By Suzanne Werre
Tuesday morning’s meeting of the Underwood Business Alliance meeting brought forth the idea of the alliance holding a workshop on building leadership in the community, with the goal of encouraging others to become part of some of the city’s organizations.
Economic Developer Wendy Spencer made a brief presentation on “Lead Local,” a one-day seminar that introduces people to parliamentary procedure, and helps teach people how to deal with different personality styles.
 “We’re always trying to get people to lead or join, to work on activities, because that’s how we get things done. I’m hoping we’ll get some interest in participating in this,” said Spencer.
She’s hoping to hold the seminar in October, and needs at least 15 people in the community to participate in the training session.
There are a lot of people who would probably like to be involved with organizations, but they don’t feel comfortable – this would be a great way to help them realize that anybody can be an asset to an organization and give quality input to meetings.



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