August 9, 2017

‘Bergers are done

By Suzanne Werre
Being a school board member/director is not an easy gig.
Sometimes tough choices have to be made, and you definitely can’t please everybody.
Those are a couple things Chad Weisenberger, who just completed his third year on the Underwood School Board, learned while he was a member of the school’s governing board.
“The whole deciding where the money goes and all that – there were a lot of hard decisions for some of that stuff,” said Weisenberger. “What to buy, and what goes and what stays – it was a challenge to do that.”
Weisenberger held a “city” position on the board, but he plans on moving outside the city limits within a couple of years, so he figured he shouldn’t run for another term.
“I got to hand diplomas to my two girls,” said Weisenberger. So when he was deciding whether he should seek re-election for another term, he asked his son, Bo, if he was okay with not having his dad hand him his diploma. He said he was fine with it, said Weisenberger, so he opted to step away.



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