October 12, 2016

‘Yes’ to the Fest, or ‘no,’ let it go

By Suzanne Werre
Will there be a Harvest 2017?
The members of the Underwood Civic Club spent some time discussing whether the annual August event should continue, but decided not to make a decision until putting the question out to area residents.
The want to know now only if residents want to continue having a Harvest Fest, but if they do, what they would like to see offered that would entice them to stay in or come into town for the day.
The fact that the group is holding a Harvest Fest right in the middle of harvest, when farmers are unlikely to be able to attend, has not gone unnoticed.
The consensus of the group is that the event is still a good event, but it’s not great. The people who come enjoy it, particularly the tractor pull which sees both sides of Lincoln lined with people, but a lot of residents opt to do something else that day.

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