November 12, 2009

Lumberyard limbo

By Alyssa Schafer

Roland Koenig can hardly remember when he and his wife Sharon started Quality Lumber, but one thing’s for sure. Community leaders don’t want to see Underwood’s only lumberyard close for good, but the Keonigs need to sell soon and an interested investor has yet to come forward. The only firm decision to come from last week’s 23-person "Stone Soup" meeting was that a buyer will need to come forward soon if the lumber yard is to stay open. "How do you get people to invest?" said Arlene Arndt, president of Underwood Civic Club. "That’s the bottom line." The lumber yard sale price is $150,000. This price includes the 6,400-square-foot main office location, a pole building and necessary lumberyard equipment. A total of 11 city lots are included in the listing. The lumberyard’s buildings are located in Underwood’s Renaissance Zone, with a declining 5-year property tax exemption.



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