August 8, 2012

Lutheran youth practice....

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It was in the eyes of the children and the words of the bullied that the youth of the Augustana Lutheran Church of Underwood found themselves stronger in their faith. Those youth and a few adults headed to New Orleans in mid-July to make the trip to the national ELCA convention. They joined up with about 33,000 other youth for several days of worship, workshops and fellowship. Outside of hearing from top speakers of their faith, the group served the outlying areas through education and entertainment. One of their most exciting parts of the trip was serving some elementary students. They went to a local summer camp and  brought books to read  to youth in grades kindergarten through sixth grade. Then, to the kids’ amazement, they let them keep the books. Lindsey Duben still sees the smiles on the kids’ faces when they found out they got to keep those books. Her friend Krista Blotske recalls it, too. “Their eyes lit up,” Blotske said.



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