May 22, 2014

Making a difference, one child at a time

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

"If I’ve helped at least one in all my years here, if I have helped at least one, and I’ve made a difference in one person’s life, that just means the world to me."

That’s how speech pathologist Lana Clyde summed up her 17 years at the Underwood School. This Wednesday will be her last official day at Underwood, as she has accepted a position in the Garrison School system starting this fall.

No doubt her feelings are echoed by Barb Robinson, who is retiring from her Elementary Principal position in Underwood after 20 years.

Robinson is going to miss her hugs, even if she really wasn’t supposed to accept or give hugs because teachers just aren’t supposed to hug their students.

"It makes my day," she smiles.

Following are some thoughts shared by the two educators as they look toward their final days at Underwood.



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