July 18, 2018

Making friends – just a walk around town

By Suzanne Werre
What’s the first thing you do when you move to a new city, and you want to get to know people?
You go for walks.
And the second? You volunteer.
That’s what a pair of Underwood’s newest residents, Chris and Christine Nagy, have been doing since they moved to town from Charlotte, North Carolina in June. They’ve gone for walks almost every day, introducing themselves to whomever they meet, and pretty much remembering the names of everybody they meet.
They’ve also taken in quite a bit of the local activities, attending the McLean County Fair and the city-wide rummage sales and MidSummer Classic in Underwood, Turtle Days in Turtle Lake, the fly-in in Garrison, and even chicken sh** BINGO in Benedict.
They not only attended the events, they got involved.
“The first weekend we were here, we were already volunteering for cleanup at the fair,” said Chris. “We saw on Facebook that they needed volunteers to clean up at the fair, and we showed up.”

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