July 27, 2016

Making it ‘clique’ down under

By Suzanne Werre
The players that made up the North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Arizona and Texas girls basketball team really clicked on the basketball court last week.
Playing in the Down Under Sports girls basketball tournament in Brisbane, Australia, Underwood Comets Madison (Madi) Holm and Brooke Weisenberger found they clicked not just on the court, but “cliqued” as a group of friends as well, and not with just their teammates, but the opposing players as well.
While playing a lot of basketball is an objective of the Down Under organizers, the goal for the girls who attend the 11-day event is, yes, to play basketball, but it’s also to make a bunch of new friends that share common interests.
“We Snapchat quite a bit,” said Brooke, regarding her new-found friends.
Their roommates were not necessarily their teammates, they pointed out – but they did become friends quickly despite their opposition.
After two days of practice (actually, only about five hours)  in Brisbane, the first team they played against had two of their roommates on it.

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