July 18, 2018

Making sure every baby is a well baby

By Suzanne Werre
Sometimes a new mom or dad just needs a little reassurance that what she or he is doing is right.
Registered nurse Sarah Kadrmas is doing what she can to reassure not only those new parents, but second, third and fourth-time parents that their babies are healthy, and that they’re doing the right things for their babies.
One of those right things is actually bringing their baby in to see Kadrmas, who holds a well baby clinic for infants newborn to 12-months-old at Northland Community Health Center in Turtle Lake the first Wednesday of every month from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Her goal is simple – to help parents of babies to reach their goals.
A well baby check isn’t the same as the usual doctor visits, noted Kadrmas, where a child gets its immunizations and gets checked when the baby isn’t feeling well. A well baby visit is a free opportunity for new parents to ask any questions they may have about their baby.
A lot of them are about breast feeding, noted Kadrmas, which is completely normal. A lot of moms wonder how long they should breastfeed. Some of them have trouble breastfeeding and just need a little more support and guidance to get them to where breastfeeding becomes easy. And there are others who need the reassurance that it’s okay not to breastfeed.



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