October 22, 2013

McLean County assists another Minot car chase


   If you happen to be driving a stolen vehicle recklessly through McLean County be aware that the entire force of deputies will pull all stops to stop you.

   That played out last Wednesday during the noon hour when a call came over the radio of a stolen vehicle from Minot headed into McLean County. The vehicle was driven by an unknown woman who was at times driving between 95 and 100 miles per hour in an attempt to outrun Minot Police, Ward County Sheriff’s deputies, North Dakota Highway Patrol and eventually McLean County deputies.

   Minot asked the McLean County deputies to assist in the high speed chase and they used the best tool in their arsenal for the job. In recent years, the McLean County deputies have each been able to add spike strips to their tool bag in the trunk of their cars.

   Those were dispatched south of the 6-mile corner, near Coleharbor, at 200 by Underwood; they were also ready for use north of Washburn and in Wilton in case the driver continued driving.

   Those spike strips must be tossed out by hand and the driver must hit them on the highway. This requires very good communication between officers pursuing and those ahead of the action.

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