September 5, 2018

Meet the local Tooth Fairy

By Suzanne Werre
Whether that baby tooth goes under a pillow or into a glass of water to wait for the real Tooth Fairy in the middle of the night, Underwood’s Lisa Auck is doing her best to help keep the winged wonder busy, wiggling and twisting the loose teeth of Underwood’s elementary students until they make that final little “pop” as they come out.
Some parents undoubtedly get to do the job at home, but Lisa, a preschool aide at the Underwood school, has pulled plenty of teeth during her years at the school, earning the title of the school Tooth Fairy.
Actually, according to Lisa, a lot of the children have a reason they prefer to have her pull their loose teeth out instead of having their parents do it. She has the magic Tooth Fairy touch.
“It doesn’t hurt when Lisa does it,” said Lisa. At least that’s what the kids tell her.
And that was proven Thursday afternoon when she pulled not one, but two loose teeth, in her tooth-pulling “office,” the lunch room at the school.
It’s typically during lunch when the students seek her out to have her pull their most recent loose tooth.

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