July 1, 2015

MidSummer Classic – 100% satisfaction

By Suzanne Werre

After last summer’s rain-out of the MidSummer Classic, organizers of this past Saturday’s event were reveling in the 85-degree weather, slight breeze, and sunny skies as they welcomed car and motorcycle enthusiasts to town for the annual car show.

"I think everything was 100 percent satisfactory," said Jim Hatzenbuhler of Hatzy’s Repair, one of the event’s organizers.

"We had a good crowd downtown, a lot of cars – and cars we have never seen here before," said Hatzenbuhler. "The burnouts were awesome – I think it was a perfect weekend."

Underwood Body Shop’s Roger McKelvey, who not only helped organize the event, but was one of the judges of the car show, agreed with Hatzy. It was a terrific day.

"It was perfect, it was a nice turnout – a lot of fun," said McKelvey.

He estimates there were about 80 cars in the car show, adding that it was not easy to pick the winners.



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