March 25, 2015

Miles resigns music position

By Suzanne Werre

The Underwood School board started its meeting with some unfortunate news, as music instructor Matt Miles, who has been at the school for three years, tendered his resignation, and will not be coming back for next fall.

"We regretfully accepted his resignation," said Supt. Brandt Dick. "We’ve had him for three years with our program, and felt he has done a very good job with the program."

Supt. Dick was pleased Miles gave his resignation early because music teachers in North Dakota are hard to find.

"I was glad that he let us know so we can get advertising for the position," he said.

Following Miles’ resignation, the board went on to discuss the co-op with Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky, in particular this spring’s activities.

It was noted that transportation, (finding a driver) for some of the spring sports could be a problem because there are so many activities going on at the same time.

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