February 25, 2015

Mo’s Way demonstration huge hit

By Suzanne Werre

Words like "yummy," and "amazing," "so good," and "fabulous" were bandied about as the group gathered at the Mo’s Way cooking demonstration and fundraiser this past Sunday afternoon feasted on carnitas, pork pozole, and a surprise desert of bread pudding.

The feast came after they were all given a hands-on demonstration on how to make the Mexican dishes, as a fundraiser for the Comet Kids Childcare Center.

One of the ladies attending the event (there were a couple of men there, as well) said she definitely hopes the cooking demonstrations continue.

"I hope so," commented Connie Pickar, a self-proclaimed "foodie" herself, said "I thought it was amazing. This was awesome."

Not only were the dishes terrific, agreed those attending, "Mo," actually Ramona Capps did much more than just instruct everyone on how to make the dishes, as she made them, she told the attendees about the ingredients, giving them information about the spices they would be using.

Cinnamon, for example. Many of those attending the demonstration were surprised there would be cinnamon in a Mexican dish.

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