June 14, 2017

Music and memory – that’s Kindermusik

By Suzanne Werre
How did you learn your ABCs?
Most likely you learned the song that goes with them (it’s OK, you can sing it if you want).
Learning the ABCs by singing them is a prime example of how Kindermusik works.
Kindermusik is a music-and-movement program for 3- to 7-year-olds that Underwood teacher Lana Clyde is teaching at the school this summer. Kindermusik combines music with movement to learn and remember -- and hopefully that early introduction to music will instill a love of music as well, she said.
“It’s a program that’s created to help children enhance their language, creativity, and social and emotional well being,” said Clyde.
Using a variety of about eight instruments, including a wood block, eggs that shake, bells that jingle and a tambourine, as well as their own bodies to clap, snap, and stomp, not only adds interest for the students, it helps them remember what they’re learning about.

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