December 3, 2014

Nearly 400 service calls in five months

By Suzanne Werre

The Underwood City Commissioners were a little surprised by some information they received from the McLean County Sheriff’s Department Monday night when they received a list of all of the service calls the department has made in Underwood from July 1 through Dec. 1.

A total of 382 calls were responded to in Underwood in that time frame, the most surprising total in burglary/breaking and entering, of which there were five.

The commissioners were a little surprised about that one, because they hadn’t really heard anything about them, said city auditor Diane Schell.

The greatest number of calls was not surprising – speeding violation citations, many of which come as drivers are heading along U.S. Highway 83 and don’t slow down for the stretch right alongside Underwood.

Along with a summary of the sheriff’s department calls, the commissioners were informed that the county will be keeping a closer eye on the weights of trucks as they pass through Underwood, as a scale will be set up to weigh semi tractor trailers.



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