May 30, 2018

New rates for city hall rentals

By Suzanne Werre
The Underwood City Commission revisited several issues it has already discussed, continuing to whittle away on its to-do list Thursday night, establishing a new standard rate for rental of the various rooms at the city hall.
The nonprofit groups that use the council room on a regular basis throughout the year, including the Underwood Area Economic Development Corportation, the Northern Expressions Arts Council, McLean County Fair Board and Underwood Civic Club, will be able to use the council room for $100 for the year. Half-day rental of the gym and kitchen without use of the stove will be $50, while a full day will be $100.
Rental of the gym for a dance will be $150, requiring the hiring of a deputy, and rental of the council room for a half day will be $25, with a full day for $50. Underwood church groups will be charged $25.
Several groups use the library for meetings, noted City Auditor Diane Schell. She suggested the library board should dictate if it will charge for use of the library for meetings, which was met by approval from the commission members.  More specifics on the rental fees are available at the city hall.



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