November 5, 2009

New residents like Underwood life

By Alyssa Schafer

Most new Underwood residents are pleased with their decision to join the community, according to results from a NRI Marketing Study of Rural Communities. Sixty-four percent of new residents plan on sticking around, according to a new survey that was conducted through a 14-page questionnaire that asked new residents about their backgrounds, reasons for moving, decision making tools used and views of the community. As part of a three-state survey, self-administered questionnaires were mailed in May and June to approximately 2,350 households in six communities in North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. Stanley was the only other North Dakota city included in the survey, which was targeted at people who have moved to a community within the last five years. In South Dakota and North Dakota, local utility lists were used to identify new customers who should be included in the study.



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