August 28, 2013

New teacher, new computers on tap for new school year

By Suzanne Were, BHG News Service

Three days into the new school year, Elementary Principal Barb Robinson was still paging through papers, finding information for people – class lists, correct spellings of names.  Slowly, but surely, she was making her way through the very busy first few days of the new school year. “It’s going really well,” she said. “I’ve got a great staff that knows what they’re doing. They’re organized, they’re ready, and they love their kids . . . and they’re just excited to be back.” The 90-degree weather was really the only down side to the start of school. When asked her opinion on a drive to have North Dakota schools start after Labor Day, she said simply, “I’ve always been in support of that.” By mid-afternoon on the hot days, the kids are getting pretty tired, she said. They’re listless, and they’re definitely not learning like they should be. When it’s hot like it has been, it’s a tough road for some of the elementary kids.

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