October 2, 2013

New Tesoro look part of Grimsley’s makeover

Things keep looking better at Grimsley’s Fuels in Underwood. Small improvements in and out as well as a major switch over to Tesoro continue to change the look and feel of Underwood’s only gas station.
    Operator Justin Adolf said the choice to move away from the Sinclair brand and over to the Tesoro brand was made in order to continue to move forward with the changing times.
    "It seems to have helped our business," Adolf said.
    The switch brought on a large digital price sign that can be seen for miles around. Adolf said that many people are brand driven and the Tesoro name seems to be one that many people are familiar with want to use in their vehicles.
    When Grimsley’s was first starting out, Sinclair was a good brand willing to give a brand to smaller startups. But with growth on the rise and traffic continuing to grow, Tesoro seemed like a better fit for the blossoming station.

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