November 30, 2016

Next project: Iron out water agreement

By Suzanne Werre
With this summer’s street/curb project wrapped up for the year, and last summer’s floodwater project finally wrapped up, the city commissioners had fewer people to get updates from and fewer things to discuss, making for a quicker-than-normal meeting.
One item of concern that hasn’t gone away for the commission is the water agreement the city is entered into with the City of Riverdale and the North Central Rural Water Commission. Recently elected commissioners Leon Weisenburger and Patti Werre are Underwood’s representatives, and they along with representatives of Riverdale and the consortium have been meeting to clarify the agreement and discuss any issues.
A recent water meeting was canceled again, noted Werre, adding that a meeting will be held if there is a quorum, and those attending the meeting will make the needed recommendations.
If things are going to go status quo, there are going to be problems, said Werre.
Weisenburger noted that he and Werre do have some questionson behalf of the citizens of Underwood regarding how the Underwood portion ofthe water payments is being used.
“If for some reason someone can’t make it and we still have a quorum, we’re still going to meet and what we decide is what we decide,” said Weisenburger.

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