November 30, 2011

No snow – more time to complete drainage plan

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The city is starting to see results in its fight to remove water from the city when the thaw of springtime comes again. A pump is soon to be in place and ready to pump when the water comes this spring. The city was waiting for a culvert to come in, and that is now here, a hole is being dug for the culvert to be placed in and then a pump should be coming soon to be placed in the bottom. That system will allow water to start pumping as soon as the levels start to rise. Commissioner Jay Snyder questioned how big the pump line would be and Mayor Rick Olson explained that it would be equal to the pump that the city was using in previous years. That was about as much as the system could handle. The benefit will be that this will be an electric pump that can continue to run without anyone supervising. “I think it will work,” Olson said. “If we don’t get snow it will work,” commissioner Earl Cottingham said.



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